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We work collaboratively with our clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve their advertising needs.

Your job is to increase revenue and decrease expenses. Reducing advertising costs is normal, as is wondering if you’re doing the right thing.  

Most marketing and advertising campaigns require separate budgets for each platform in use. Often this means you are communicating with several different vendors and re-communicating the campaign goals to each one. 

And, while it’s important to reach a broad audience on broadcast, it’s equally important to reach these individuals in their researching and buying moments. This means the perfect plan includes a budget for lead generation, consumer cultivation, relation building, acquisition and of course, retention.  That’s a minimum of five line items on the budget ledger. 

We don’t want to pay inflated advertising prices any more than you do. The ability to reach the ideal consumer online and offline at lower ad costs is what makes IQHQ Media successful.

IQHQ Media solves the problem by providing lower cost advertising coupled with precision audience creation and targeting.  Using proprietary, patented technology, we determine where your highest  value customers are at anytime. We locate the audience both online and offline. Our technology is more successful than typical providers because we reach actual people, not bot or cookie based data. Keep in mind, until now – cookies were the portal for reaching behavior driven attributes online. In today’s channels cookies reach an average 30% of your targets. 

IQHQ Media identifies the perfect prospect, locates a larger audience of the same, identifies where they are (online and offline) and provides our clients with the list. 

Taking it one step further, IQHQ Media offers top-tier advertising at acceptable rates. This gives you the opportunity to work with one vendor from start to finish. 

Our campaigns out-perform expectations and costs are reduced as much as 25% or better.

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